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Our Team

Not your grandfather’s change management consultants.

We’re here to discover the opportunities hidden in the tension other firms won’t touch.

Our Collective Values

We believe values fulfill their purpose when they are grounded in reality rather than aspirational, when they emanate from the halls rather than simply posted on the walls, and when they are embodied as a choice rather than passively occurring.

Pressure is a Privilege

Adapt for Value

Thoughtfully Direct

Seek the Story

When things get difficult, we lean in. We embrace tension, revel in challenge, and turn towards the storm.

Needs are different for everyone, we adapt to ensure we're meeting needs, not just running programs.

Direct is kind, and we utilize directness as an avenue to be kind, thoughtfully. 

The change lies in the story and the patterns - we listen for the story behind the story - leading with understanding. 

Our Story

Co-Founders Dave Newell and Stephen Belenky founded Align Collective because they believe that companies like yours deserve better.

Align Collective was founded on a simple premise: don’t let tension get in the way of real adoption and integration in moments of transition.
You deserve a team that can guide you through the tension, the space where the best ideas are born and where legacy firms are less likely to meet you.

We want to be your partner in the margins, where there is fidelity between what you say externally and how you operate internally.


Align Collective is an alliance of like-minded, multidisciplinary management experts who believe that cultural risk aversion is the enemy of organizational growth and innovation. And we want to go the distance with you: one part evaluator, one part strategist, one part implementation coach, and one part rollout team.

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