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Organizational change happens. We can make it count.

We help growing companies to thrive in moments of tension and transition.

Decision-making in moments of transition is nearly impossible when given two extreme paths - either risk everything on a baseless strategy or keep your head down and do nothing.

Our clients thrive in navigating an often-overlooked third path, one that reconciles the other two, and aligns the right people around a strategy that moves the company forward.

Our proven approach includes equal parts people and process-focused tools and activities, which together create a tailored rollout plan and the cultural conditions necessary to execute with success.

Aligning People 

Commitment, not consensus

Our approach leverages healthy conflict and discourages consensus decision-making, which often results in safe, unremarkable, strategies.

We work through hard conversations, listen to every level of the organization, and combine insights to arrive at a plan over which everyone feels authentic ownership and accountability.

We use our proven Pressure Index to understand leadership and change readiness, and we employ individual and team-based coaching to create genuine alignment and cultural engagement.

Preparing Processes

Crafting unique solutions

We don't parachute plans, but meet companies where they're at. Understanding their unique vision and values and ways of operating informs the pathway forward and eliminates barriers to execution in the process.

When working with us, you will have a rollout plan that is tailored and actionable. We’ll keep you focused on the things - from systems to behaviors - that generate momentum and lay the foundation for growth and sustainability.

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